Anahata Yoga is a place fully dedicated to open the heart trhough the practice of yoga.

We know each person is unique and different, that’s why we have different options to help you find your way to open your anahata chakra and make it shine.

Among what we do there are yoga, meditation and pranayama classes, mantra singing, yoga retreats at Sámara beach (in Costa Rica), and readings.

We believe in the power of our hearts, and that love can absolutely change our world. We hope we can help you somehow to find your way and together open our hearts to the world.

Since we are located in Guanacaste – a touristic zone of Costa Rica – we receive many travelers, that’s why we have created our Backpackers Yoga Program where we teach yoga with a donation based fee and offer private classes at a low price in order to help everyone with their yoga experience.