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Anahata Yoga and the Five Element Form is an ancient hatha yoga tradition from the Himalayan mountains. Connected to earth and the cosmos; the 5 Elements, Sun, Moon and Stars. Intended to activate our alchemical heart, Anahata Chakra, grow multidimensional, holistic awareness and cultivate practical skills for navigating the ebb and flow of life.

Most hatha yoga traditions popular in the west evolved through lineages of the upper levels of the caste system. Anahata yoga immersed in daily village life, evolved through a lineage from outside and lower castes. Creating a tradition devoted to our unique Human Path and journey of individuation.

As a compliment to the meditation practices of Anahata yoga, private sessions are offered in hypnotherapy, inner processing and sidereal astrology consultation for deeper inner awareness, soul growth and way-finding guided by the stars.

Private sessions

in person

Space held for inner processing to release patterns, triggers, entities and to re-integrate.

Choose :
Hypnotherapy . Sound . Havening . EMDR

In person . 75min . €65-€80

Long-form hypnotherapy for connecting with Source energy through your Subconscious and wider consciousness.

Choose :
Open . Alignment . Clearing & 15 Chakras

In person . 3hrs . €150-€180

online . zoom

Explore your unique Soul, Self and purpose

Birth chart consultations are a shared process – your life experiences, questions and perspectives are combined with Prana’s understanding of the symbolism of your Sidereal Astrological birth chart.

Zoom . 75min . €120

Feel into your Future potential

Zoom . 30min €50  | 60min €100

(Only within 4 months after a Sidereal Astrology Consultation)

Inner processing according to your needs and the dynamics that were revealed in your birth chart reading

Zoom . 60min . €55-€65

Classes & courses



Online – Zoom

The 5 element form is the purification and initiation practice of the Anahata yoga tradition. In this course we will learn the foundational Anahata meditation, energy practice and 5 Element philosophy realised through 20 moving meditations intended to purify the different levels of the body (pancha koshas); physical, energetic, mental, astral, creating more space for divine spirit.


Inner Alchemy

Online – Zoom

(Only for those who have completed Course . 1 )
In this course we will build on the last course and learn to use the elements as a subtle energetic language that communicates with the fabric of reality.  We will explore the astral body : 7 chakra system and learn supportive, purifying and healing practices that use and improves our bodies’ bio-energy. These practices bring depth to the 5 element movements. Symbols archtypes and dreams

Anahata Immersion
Monthly mini-workshop

Wilrijk . First Tuesday of the  month

latest practice:
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the sky, as it is

2000 years ago the constellations in the sky matched the seasons. The Sun rose in Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) during the first day of spring. But since then, the stars have changed position. Today when you look at the sky, the Sun rises in Pisces, not Aries, on the first day of spring.

Most western astrology uses ‘tropical’ astrology based on the seasons (spring starting with Aries) and NOT what is really happening in the sky (spring starts in Pisces). There is now a growing difference of one to two zodiac signs between tropical western astrology and the visible sky.

Sidereal astrology observes and uses the actual visible sky.  Sidereal means : ‘determined by the stars’ or ‘star time’

~ For a consultation, your birth chart is calculated using the 13 zodiacs (including the Ophiucus star sign), the true variation in sizes of the zodiac constellations (visible sky) and the placidus house system (12 equal houses, representing earth time).

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