Playing with the Atlantic waves

“Teach me water’s curiosity
Fire’s audacity
Earth’s sincerity
Air’s immensity
Akasha’s gentleness
and my home is everywhere.”

_Prana Estu

Live classes + Workshops

Anahata Yoga and the Five Element Flow. Connect with an ancient practice. Learn multidimensional moving meditations. Experience Anahata philosophy, parables and yogic psychology woven into an elegant, effective self-care practice.

private inner processing session

Facilitated by Prana Estu. Use trance energetics for inner processing. Tune inside, access the Alpha mind state, learn, grow and receive clarity. Incorporating modalities such as (self) hypnosis, spiritual hypnotherapy, trance meditation (yoga nidra), psycho-somatic processing (yoga nyasa, havening, EFT and EMDR).

online courses

Instant online access to deeper, inner processes of the Anahata teachings and techniques. Study in your own space and pace. Coming soon. Stay updated via the newletter.