Prana estu

Tea ceremony at Studio Lijf

Prana Estu is an Anahata Yoga teacher specialized in inner processing through meditation and deep trance techniques. She facilitates and teaches hypnotherapy, yoga nidra and Anahata Yoga in groups and with individuals.

After completing a BFA in audiovisual art, working in many visual and creative settings, she changed gears to pursue a fascination with the inner dynamics of creativity and the energetics of the deep psyche; the subconscious mind.

Her decision to leave the physical art world took place after an energetic act of grace. While working at her desk, physical reality melted into an interconnected weave of color vibration with no separation of form or experience of distance.  This prepared her to embrace the holistic, multidimensional practices of the Anahata Tradition and meeting her teacher, Peter ‘Pramanda’ Clifford. Prana has been an Anahata yogi for over a decade. Teaching groups and guiding individuals with transformative meditation for over 7 years.

Her holistic methods, though grounded in the Anahata philopshy and yoga nidra practice, bridge out into other modalities in which she is trained and well versed in. Such as : spiritual hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, EMDR, EFT, havening techniques, parts work, shamanic journeying, energetic clearing and earth-grid work to name a few.

Prana is an active participant of the Shifting the Power programs with Anneke Lucas, and Christina Merkley for survivors of extreme abuse and providers who assist across the spectrum of trauma.

Prana lives in Antwerp, Belgium.

2023 Shifting the Power, Unconditional Model, Anneke Lucas  & Christina Merkley
2020 Carcinos (supportive hypnosis for illness, stress & cancer), Ina Oostrom
2020 Havening Techniques, Stephen Travers
2020 Hypnokids, OMNI, Ina Oostrom en Ayla Oostrom
2020 Hypnowaving (EMDR) , Parts Therapy OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom
2020 Reiki Second Degree, Usui Shiki Rhyoho, Kathy Melcher + Frank Coppieters.
2019 HypnoCell, OMNI Hypnotherapy, Erich Walker,
2019 Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis, Deep states and the Superconscious, Christophe Dierckx,
2019 ANAHATA yoga, Nhada Yoga (mantra yoga), Peter Clifford,
2018 ANAHATA Yoga, Nyasa + Yoga Psychology, Peter Clifford
2018 OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom,
2017 Level 1 QHHT Practitioner, Dolores Cannon
2016 Yoga Teachers Training 200 ANAHATA Yoga + 5 Element Form, Peter Clifford
2014 Yoga Teachers Training 200 + Children’s Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Santosha Yoga Institute Bali