Anahata yogini and spiritual hypnotherapist living in Antwerp, Belgium.

I founded Open Anahata as a platform to share the ancient Anahata Yoga Tradition, so that this unique ‘inside-out’ style may spread and live in the hearts of those it can serve.

My specialty is to teach and guide various forms and depths of meditation and therapeutic trance, an ancient form of self-care. Meditation is not only stillness, focus and observation. It is an act/art of reality creation, dis-rooting your darkest wounds and the catalyst movement of inner to outer change.

In other words: I teach Anahata classes and workshops, guide private and group hypnotherapy and meditation sessions, host elemental tea and incense ceremonies and occasionally hand-dip twirled beeswax candles for wishes, prayers and blessings. Feel free to contact me for requests, commissions or bookings. For private sessions visit

Everything on this website is dedicated to my teacher, Peter Pramananda Clifford and to the Anahata lineage, past and future. Including you.

Prana is my given name. I was born in Indonesia and spent my childhood in Indonesia, Australia, Burkina Faso and Pakistan. In my teens my family moved to the Netherlands. Needless to say, this was a culture shock. I started meditating and practicing yoga to cope and eventually began a process of self inquiry. But it wasn’t until I started practicing Anahata yoga ten years later that I experienced profound inner shifts and a sense of coming home.

Through practicing, I observed that suppressed grief and many negative beliefs stored at a deep and fundamental level of my mind had gone. Part of the yogic explanation was that I had released ‘samscaras’, or unconscious energetic imprints. I realized that the unconscious/subconscious mind was not just a yogic philosophical concept, but a real thing. All humans have a subconscious. I became intensely curious. What was the subconscious exactly? How was it explained in more western-scientific terms? And more importantly, what were the other ways of transforming it?

This lead me to hypnotherapy, the part of the hypnosis world that works with consciously entering the state of hypnosis to change subconscious patterns for self improvement or healing.  A fascinating universe revealed itself, with a shielded and sometimes dark history of both dubious and admirable characters. There are countless of hypnosis techniques. The ones I chose to specialize in are guided by the client’s inner wisdom and personal will.

After a while of facilitating private hypnotherapy sessions I received a few clients who had experienced severe childhood abuse and the mental protective barriers that come with it. This prompted me to study the effects of trauma, fragmentation and effective ways of processing these deep wounds. As a result I learned the EMDR and Havening techniques. I also started reading and listening to many abuse survivor accounts and developed an interest in understanding the dynamics of trauma-based mind programming. It has been these survivor insights into their own minds and healing journeys that have been the most educational sources of information on this topic. Not only for improving my discernment of therapeutic techniques but also for understanding the subconscious, its role in structuring society and society’s role in structuring it.

Everything I have learned and am learning seems to validate and enrich my understanding of Anahata Yoga’s wise, holistic teachings. I am convinced that the ancient yogis had great knowledge of the subconscious mind and that the meditations of the Anahata tradition, going beyond mindfulness, are some of the original trance-therapy techniques which tap into our natural self-healing abilities. But the Anahata tradition is more than just a few techniques. It is a template for a heart-based paradigm that is practiced into reality. It is therefor, the home I always return to.


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2014 Yoga Teachers Training 200 + Children’s Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Santosha Yoga Institute Bali