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The language of the higher awareness (Step 3/3 altered states basics)

Communicating with your Higher Awareness requires creating a language that translates information from the Subconscious into the normal conscious mind.  Normal conscious awareness vs subconscious awareness. Your normal conscious mind helps you function in the linear time dimension. It understands chronological time, verbal language, logic, labels, analysis. Your subconscious mind is designed to pick-up and …

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anahata yoga

Anahata Yoga is an ‘inside-out’ yoga style with emphasis on inner experience and self-realization. Meditation is woven into physical movement to transform the unconscious patterns of the mind and align with heart intelligence.

Open Anahata was founded by Prana Estu and is dedicated to sharing this unique oral tradition of yoga, its variation of tantra, hatha, ashtanga, pancha kosha and 5 Element philosophy and to maintain trauma-informed methods of practice and self-inquiry on the path to radical self acceptance and kundalini awakening.

We explore mindful, responsible ways of connecting through digital technology. Teachings and stories are shared through posts on this website. Sign up to the newsletter to receive updates. See the calendar for in-person classes and events. We prefer to communicate via email and to share posts via newsletter and telegram. Please send questions or comments to prana@openanahata.com.

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