Tattwa Shuddhi Saddhana

‘Teach me
earth’s sincerity
water’s curiosity
fire’s audacity
air’s immensity
akasha’s gentleness
and home is everywhere.’


playing with the waves


1 Earth – Introduction – Grounding in the elements and template – Anamaya kosha – Feet & legs

1.1 Introduction – how to do this course

1.2 video. Practice (preparatory).  Sushumna nadhi meditation, Weave the elements into the body
1.3 video. Practice. Optional feet exercises
1.4 video. Presentation. Anahata yoga intro and lineage
1.4 video. The 5 element template


2 Air – The lovers dance – Anahata – Shiva & Shakti – Pranamaya kosha – Breathe
3 Fire – Duality as a tool – Observer and Creator – Anomaya kosha – Core & Bhandas
4 Water – Cellular intelligence – Fascia – Sound – Vijnanamaya kosha – Hips
5 Akasha – Meditation and trance – Heaven and Earth – Anandamaya kosha – Head – Whole body

playing with the waves


Please read these instructions first.

Each asana practicesegment shouldn’t take more than 20 min to complete.
the accompanying lecture You may do 1 a day. Or more.
As you learn the movemnt , 1 at a time, feel freed to practice movement throughout your day.

As you watch or listen to the video’s, practice a movemnt. or breath sushumna nhadi
REpitition/ exposing your self t the information, and , enjoying the process., and

instructions on how to
medical disclaimer, options to do it on chair, pregnant.
how to proceed, create a habbit of pause and rest not a habit of uitting or skipping


0.1   video instruction
how to do this course & create your space

0.2   assignments

– Choose and create your spot for your indoor practice
– Collect the 5 elements, make or place them in your altar ( real life vision board )
– Choose a spot in or near nature for your outdoor practice.
– Bless your nature spot with the 5 elements.


~ Member content

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~ Member content

the sky, as it is

2000 years ago the constellations in the sky matched the seasons. The Sun rose in Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) during the first day of spring. But since then, the stars have changed position. Today when you look at the sky, the Sun rises in Pisces, not Aries, on the first day of spring.

Most western astrology uses ‘tropical’ astrology based on the seasons (spring starting with Aries) and NOT what is really happening in the sky (spring starts in Pisces). There is now a growing difference of one to two zodiac signs between tropical western astrology and the visible sky.

Sidereal astrology observes and uses the actual visible sky.  Sidereal means : ‘determined by the stars’ or ‘star time’

~ For a consultation, your birth chart is calculated using the 13 zodiacs (including the Ophiucus star sign), the true variation in sizes of the zodiac constellations (visible sky) and the placidus house system (12 equal houses, representing earth time).

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