long form hypnotherapy

Long Form Hypnotherapy Sessions are only available in person. In English / of in het Nederlands.

There are 3 types of sessions:
Open sessions are lead by your Higher Awareness. We allow what arises in the moment to be experienced, processed and integrated.
Alignment sessions are guided by a series of questions based on a shamanic healing journey to transmute blocks, release patterns and grow your conscious field.
Clearing sessions are an energetic session to clear your auric field, activate the 15 chakras and ground. (You can choose to incorporate hand healing and 136.1 AUM hertz, 528 hertz and scalar waves to help create a coherent energy field.)

Long Form Hypnotherapy also know as Quantum, Spiritual or Higher Self Hypnotherapy initially uses relaxation to connect with Source energy through your inner wisdom or wider consciousness. This allows inner processing (of old patterns and emotions), inner clarity, parts integration and energetic downloads to take place.

Sessions are 2 hrs 30 min long. The hypnosis lasts 2 hours. 15 min before and after are for intake and integration. The length of the session increases the depth of the processing and the opportunity to cover many aspects. There are many ‘layers’ of the mind and the energy field. Often certain layers can only be accessed once some unconscious patterns or (emotional) blocks have been processed.

The deep states of hypnosis
Restore you physically through accessing your parasympathetic nervous system (ventral vagus nerve, heart coherence) allowing your body to rest, digest, regenerate and integrate.
-It helps balance you mentally and emotionally. Your body and mind process thoughts and emotions more efficiently. You have access to your subconscious mind and can observe and transform your deep mental patterns and beliefs.
-It effects you energetically. You become more aware of the subtler energetic level underlying thoughts, emotions and the energy flowing through your body-mind-spirit system.
-You also have access to your ‘astral body‘ or dream body and parts of your being/psyche that connect to your non-physical levels. For example: akashic records, past-life, inter-dimensional, soul imprint…
-It strengthens your connection to your divine Spirit, soul and a sense that there is a greater intelligence beyond ‘everyday normal human conscious awareness’.

1 session of 2hrs 30min : €180
Package 2 sessions of 2hrs 30min : €330
Package 3 sessions of 2hrs 30min : €450

The hypnosis lasts 2hrs. 15min talk and integration before and after.

Single session can be paid when you book online or paid in person.
Packages can only be paid online.
Packages are valid for 24 months.

If you would like a free 30min call, send an email to info@openanahata.com

Payments are accepted with bank transfer (link) or *cash.
Please let me know if you would like an invoice.

Sessions take place in a cosy home office at:

Populierenlaan 32
2020 Antwerp

Free parking all over the neighborhood
Tram 2 Olympiade and 6 Olympiade P&R stops nearby
Antwerp Velo on the corner

*It is possible to request an offsite session with additional travel expenses of €30 per 30min of travel. info@openanahata.com

Sessions can be booked  via the online booking calendar or via email info@openanahta.com

By booking you are agreeing to the Client Agreement

Before you book please be aware of the following:

*Sessions do not replace professional medical advice or treatment and are intended as a learning experience and support for the healing process.

*If you are on anti-psychotic medication, this will effect the session. I would generally advice you not to do a HS hypnosis session at this time but I am happy to discuss this with your. Send me an email.

*You must be 18 years old.
Ages 17 and under must have guardian consent. Please contact me first via email info@openanahata.com

Choosing to do a series of sessions gives you the opportunity to explore beyond the personal inner processing. You can experience different techniques and each session can build off the previous session based on your feedback. In this way your skill and understanding of self-healing in trance and of your personal inner dynamic grows profoundly.

Like a deep tissue massage, hypnotherapy helps to reset and realign your deeper psyche. It is important that you create positive space to allow the adjustments to settle in after the session.

-Drink a lot of water.
-Go over the anchor words. It will help you remember the session and help deepen your private meditation practice.
-As gentle and as often as possible, remember to ground in the changes, the new you.

-You may have strange dreams that are a continuation of the processing. This is normal.
-It may help to journal to continue the processing.
-Old patterns (thoughts/situations) might temporarily arise, give them space, see this as a purge or release. Maybe they won’t effect you but if they do remember you know how to be and what to do differently now.

A large part of hypnotherapy involves, regression work or shadow work. This involves:
1) going back to fragments of ourselves that are stuck in the pain of a past event (this life or previous),
2) processing the event (transmuting the negative energetic charge) and
3) integrating that part back into the wholeness of self.

There are many techniques and ways of doing this that range from an energetic gentle allowing to the specific targeting (EFT, EMDR, havening etc).
The most fractured parts of ourselves have one or more protective layers or barriers. The IFS (Internal Family Systems) modality calls these parts ‘exiles.’ The mind exiles them because they carry the pain that the mind wants to protect us from reliving.

To access and feel connected to our fullness of being, we integrate as much of ourselves as possible. This is what meditation, inner spiritual practice and healing in trance is all about. This is also what makes the healing path, a spiritual path and vice versa.

Unless there are strong protective barriers around your fractured parts, these fractured parts will naturally show themselves in a session. Fears, memories, insecurities might arise and that is all okay and part of the process. And actually (from my perspective) a good thing, a good opportunity for healing and integration. Trust that your ‘Wider Awareness’ reveals what you are capable of processing and integrating that part will positively effect your energy field.

In the rare occasion that the experiencing of the fractured part requires a more targeted approach, I will use more ‘hands on’ techniques such as EFT, EMDR and havening to help facilitate the processing. When there are signs of protective layers or barriers in the mind I believe that patience, awareness and acceptance of the barriers is more helpful that trying to push through them at first. 

If there has been a lot of intense inner-processing, we will always end the session with hands on energetic grounding and Sound using the AUM frequency 136.1 hertz.

Sessions are based on Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques), Ines Simpson’s Simpson Protocol that combines shamanic journeying with hypnosis, and the Anahata Yoga Tradition energy bodies template. When needed other processing techniques can be combined depending on what comes up in the session. See CV

What does that mean?
-You will be consciously guided, step by step, into hypnosis or meditation in a way that you will be aware of each step. (You don’t need to loose your willpower or awareness in hypnosis!)
-You can communicate to me using your voice, or a yes and no finger.
– You will be guided to activate heart coherence. (Ventral vagus nerve)
– With your intention to connect with your inner or wider wisdom, you will experience that connection in a deep relaxed state.
– You will explore your challenges, blocks, deep patterns, reasons for doing the session in your subconscious mind. (Nothing is off limits: Inner child, early life, past life, soul fragmentation-retrieval-contract, akashic, astral, bardo, parts-work, entities, energetic implants  etc)
– Guided by your own Inner wisdom you will, process, resolve, dissolve these blocks and patterns, creating space for new patterns and inner growth.
– You will be given ‘anchor’ words, to use in your private meditation practice to access these deeper parts of your consciousness.

The hypnosis usually lasts 2 hours with 20 min before and after for questions and integration.

turmeric powder incense

Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis, to transform your subconscious mind; (your limiting beliefs, your unprocessed trauma etc.) It’s intention is to empower you, through showing you how to access and change your deeper mind.

A hypnotherapist guides you to enter hypnosis and navigate the process. You do not loose your willpower, you stay conscious. By choosing to follow the instructions, you enter hypnosis YOURSELF and are responsible for your own change.

There are situations in which ‘hypnosis techniques’ can be manipulative, ie. movies, media, advertisements etc. Those methods are NOT considered ‘hypnotherapy’. Those are mind control or mind manipulation techniques which are not always applied with your full consent. They do not empower you. To reverse the effects of mind manipulation, you can learn self-hypnosis, access your subconscious yourself and reclaim your power.

Since the beginning of mankind, trance (hypnosis) has been used to access Spirit.

Spiritual hypnotherapy is based on the understanding that simply the belief in a Wider Awareness or consciousness creates the experience of a Wider Awareness or consciousness. Connecting with this Wider Awareness is both powerful and self-empowering allowing incredible transformation to take place. It opens a world of positive possibilities for navigating and transforming your inner reality, which ultimately effects your outer reality.

A human is seen as more than a physical body capable of thought and emotion. We have a divine soul and the ability to access beautiful states of ‘Higher Mind’ and information/energy.

Your subconscious mind is not rational, logical or linear. It does not ‘think’.
It is intuitive, instinctive, it ‘senses’ and usually tells a very different story than your rational, linear thinking.

Your subconscious stores information and associations in a way that has been important to your survival.

The associations that were important to your survival when you were a child, a teenager, or when you were experiencing life challenges or trauma might no longer be necessary and may be limiting you. So it’s useful to change this for your personal growth. Facts and past experiences will not change. The emotional charge and associations surrounding the past experience will change.


The more willing you are to enter hypnosis, the more beneficial it will be becasue ultimately YOU are the one who will enter trance and allow the change.

Here is an overview of common situations hypnotherapy can help:

A deeper meditation practice
More focus on daily tasks
Improve the way your mind effects and connects to your body
De-stress the mind and body
Better sleep

Mental support in the physical healing process
Regenerate the mind and body
Pain management
Improve physical performance
Connecting with cellular consciousness, epigenetics

Releasing fear, confusion, trauma, triggers and attachment.
Releasing the emotional causes of physical issues.

Aligning with your life purpose
Tapping into subtle, powerful realms of consciousness
Energetic activation
Support in your spiritual evolution, transcending ego
Support in the death process
Astral, dimensional exploration
Strengthening inner tools for navigating energy, light body, astral dimensions and beyond

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your hypnosis guide. In the menu is a link to my bio & CV for more background information of my training. Feel free to request a phone call before booking a session.

In a 1 on 1 session with a hypnotherapist, everything in the session from the induction, exploration, transformation techniques and final integration is tailored to your rythm and your specific needs. This simply isn’t possible in a pre-recorded audio.