The Elemental Essence

Many of the ancient philosophical traditions observed primal elements. Earth, fire, air, water and akasha (aether) are the five used in the Anahata Tradition. They inform a universal nonverbal language that connects us to nature, everywhere. Additionally they are meditation tools for tuning inner senses to the subtler energetic qualities of yogic philosophy and reality. As above, so below. As within, so without.’

The 5 Element purification practice or Tattwa Shuddhi Saddhana is a complete system of moving and detoxifying meditations for establishing and maintaining  a connection to the elements and for shifting energy and mental patterns. It is an integral part of the Anahata tradition, woven into the classes and daily life. Tattwa Shuddhi Saddhana can also be taught as a complete system on its own. See calendar for upcoming workshops.

The elements are used in simple rituals, open-eyed meditations and healing practices. For example: The meditative practices of candle gazing and sun gazing harness the transformative power of fire and light.