The Anahata Yoga Tradition

The Anahata Tradition originated in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. A lineage of yogis lovingly developed a system of practice inspired by life immersed in mountain-scapes. Rocky crevices where one misstep meant death, formed ergonomic asanas that improved stamina, agility and stability. High altitudes shaped breath work for optimizing oxygen retention. Nights illuminated by stars and campfires invoked dream exploration and methods for navigating states of consciousness. Living self-sufficiently in nature nurtured techniques for inner reliance that harnessed the body’s innate healing processes. Above all, the yogis observed that by tuning into their heart intelligence ALL of their life sustaining abilities improved. Aligning with Anahata, the heart chakra became the founding intention of their system of practice.

What resulted was an ‘inside-out’ yoga style with emphasis on inner experience, meditation with movement designed to align the subconscious mind with heart intelligence.

Open Anahata was founded by hypnotherapist and Anahata teacher Prana Estu. Our intention is to uphold its style of tantric, hatha, ashtanga, pancha kosha and 5 Element philosophy, to maintain trauma-informed methods of practice on the path to radical self acceptance and kundalini awakening and to explore mindful, responsible ways of connecting through digital technology. We prefer to communicate via email, newsletter and telegram. Please send questions or comments to

All you need for tapping into the lineage wisdom is practice. All you need for practice is you. On behalf of the Anahata family, past, present and future, WELCOME!