Your Impressive Subconscious

You have a powerful, deeper mind: your subconscious. It is like a hard-drive that stores and connects your experiences, emotional triggers and unquestioned beliefs. This information influences your behavior and determines your sense of self. True inner change takes place at this deep and fundamental level of the psyche. To access the subconscious you need a (slightly) altered state of mind like a true meditative state, trance state or hypnosis state. Call it what you will, they are all states of consciousness where changing subconscious patterns is possible.

The Anahata system includes knowledge of subconscious and how to access it, offering a variety of ways for entering meditation ranging from trance-inducing full-body movements, to discrete anchoring gestures, to stillness. The practices and affirmations based in Anahata philosophy and yoga psychology are simple and practical, intended for subtly weaving into different life situations and adjustable for all shapes of human.

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