The language of the higher awareness (Step 3/3 altered states basics)

Communicating with your Higher Awareness requires creating a language that translates information from the Subconscious into the normal conscious mind. 

Normal conscious awareness vs subconscious awareness.
Your normal conscious mind helps you function in the linear time dimension. It understands chronological time, verbal language, logic, labels, analysis.
Your subconscious mind is designed to pick-up and store all information. It doesn’t experience time. It is not logical or analytical. It understands but does not use verbal language. Talking feels tedious to it. Information is accessed, shared and processed almost instantaneously. (The integration and translation of that information into normal conscious awareness is what usually takes more time.) The information and intelligence of the subconscious mind is therefor experienced as intuitive and energetic, especially in the deeper levels of trance. Energy is simply information. 

Your Heart is a superior tool for energetic perception and communication.
Connecting with your heart’s intelligence and guidance is an excellent method for learning the language of energy and intuition, the language of navigating trance-states. This is NOT an intellectual practice or even an emotional one. Sometimes what we think are emotions are actually (mental) labels. The heart is unconditional, it is whole and not split into 2 hemispheres like our brains.
There are many physiological benefits of heart coherence and awareness. Improved immune system, mental clarity, physical healing etc. But even more importantly in the context of trance navigation : The perception through your mind can play tricks on you, the perception through your heart cannot. So practicing an energetic language prior to a visual or mental one (symbols, visuals, psychoanalytical constructs) improves your ability to navigate the energy of trance states.

Questioning the veracity of everything your conscious mind presents to you becomes easier and safer to do the stronger you are grounded in your heart’s intelligence and awareness.

You have 2 vagus nerves.
When you enter a physical state of relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system) and your mammalian vagus nerve is active, your heart coherence is active.
When you enter a physical state of relaxation and your reptilian vagus nerve is active, your heart coherence isn’t active. Without your heart’s participation, you will rely more heavily on your mind and have a less coherent energy field.
Generally speaking, people who have experienced chronic stress or PTSD are more likely to slip into a reptilian vagus nerve state of relaxation, which is not optimal for healing in trance. It’s not a big deal, when you are aware of this possibility, you can easily rectify it.

Creating the language
Once you are familiar with the energetic/intuitive language of the Higher Awareness, you can start creating a language for translating that information into your normal conscious awareness. This can evolve and involve symbols, visuals, archetypes, psychoanalytical or spiritual constructs. Essentially you are creating a language to commune with your Self.